Our Mission

Lil’ Bowl’s authentic Thai street food and Japanese fusion home recipes are created with fresh herbs, spices, and ingredients that are infused with the love and passion of all of our staff.

Our Vision

Lil’ Bowl strives to build strong relationships with our diverse community to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can gather.

What type of payments does Lil' Bowl accept?

Cash, all major credit cards and Apple Pay

Does Lil' Bowl deliver?

Yes,  $3 delivery fee for deliveries in 4 mile radius of restaurant with a minimum purchase of $25 (before taxes and discounts) and $6 delivery fee for deliveries 4-6 miles of restaurant with a minimum purchase of $40 (before taxes and discounts) 

Does Lil' Bowl have a dining area?

Yes, there is a small dining area in Fresh World Supermarket. Located at 9540 Liberia Ave, Manassas, VA 20110

Does Lil' Bowl cater for corporate, special events, and holidays?

Yes, we do it all! Please see our CATERING page for more info

What do you recommend for comfort foods?

Our wonton noodle soup is perfect comfort food. 

Do you have Holiday catering service?


What is the price range for Thai dishes and Japanese rolls?

Thai dishes $6-$19 and Japanese rolls $8-$19

How much advanced notice does Lil' Bowl need for catering orders?

24 hour advance notice is recommended and appreciated for all catering orders. Phone order cut off is 6pm.  Online ordering is available 24/7. $25 charge for orders placed with under 24 hour notice. Please see our CATERING page for more info.

Can we substitute ingredients or sauces for Vegetable, Vegan or gluten free requests?

Yes and no upcharge.

How long can we keep the sauces that we purchase?

Refrigerate after opening and sauces will be good for 3-4 weeks.

Does your restaurant use “ Gluten Free" soy sauce for Sushi?

Yes, we provide that. Per customer request

Does your restaurant use MSG?


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Our Google Reviews

Amy Hoffman
Amy Hoffman
Ordered on Valentine's Day. Tried the new Lovely Box. The beef was tasty, and the spicy Tuna was SPICY. the mango sticky rice was so delicious! Glad I tried them for the first time today!
A true hidden gem is Lil Bowl Thai & Japanese Fusion in the Fresh World Mall in Manassas. Starting with the kind and understanding woman at the register, the service was first-rate. I chose the drunken noodles because I was starving after shopping and needed a quick snack. These hot flat rice noodles were the height of flavor and went fantastically with a coke can. The dish has a long history and began as a late-night street food for partygoers in Thailand, but Lil Bowl has taken it to new culinary heights. You won't be let down if you go to this restaurant, which I heartily recommend. I am confident that I will return!
Cathy Young
Cathy Young
The sushi was delicious. Crab Rangoon was the best I have Ever had! Service is very quick The staff is very friendly
Renee Graves
Renee Graves
Okay, so this place should really stand on its own. We almost left because the restaurant is next two an open fish market inside the international grocery store. However, the owner was so kind, we fought through the smells of raw fish and decided to dine in. Boy, am I glad we did. Everything we ordered was amazing. The owners hail from Thailand...and each dish speaks to their experience. Start with the thai tea or the strawberry lemonade...you don't want to leave without that. The beef curry, ramen soup, special fried rice and noodles literally had us at hello from the first bite. We couldn't leave without sushi...and it was the best Ive had in a long time. The fish was so fresh along with all other ingredients. We had no space for dessert, but I will intentionally make space next time. So...even if you are close to this place...dont let the surroundings fool you...you are in for a tantalizing treat...seriously!
Kaiulani Kamau
Kaiulani Kamau
The Pad Se Ew seemed old and still had power on top some of the noodles. It didn't taste fresh which was diassapointing. The mango sticky rice and Thai tea was good though.
Lyon Phonhnaboth
Lyon Phonhnaboth
The food is so good and authentic that my Thai Grandmother doesn't get mad at me when I eat there. My go-to for Thai food when I'm in the area. I usually stop by for Thai Tea while I do my grocery shopping in Fresh World. My favorite dish is the Thai Boat Noodle Soup and curry puffs. Service is always great, they're very friendly and considerate.
Very yummy Pad Thai & Thai Ice Tea! Owner is super sweet, and thanks to these, Lil Bowl is our go to when we have taste for Thai food!
cars and stuff
cars and stuff
Always perfect food and great customer service! Ive been coming yo this little hidden spot for awhile now and always recommend it to everyone i know to spread the word! Thank you!